I Don’t Like Smoothies

You read that correctly, and may be saying, “how can a vegan and healthy lifestyle advocate not like smoothies?” Okay, so perhaps I like them a little, but they aren’t my “go to” meal or snack. I decided it was necessary to create a new word that stands for “I understand the health benefits of Smoothies, but I don’t really like cold drinks or the consistency of smoothies so I prefer to eat my fruits raw and my veggies raw, cooked or juiced”. The new word I have created to describe this feeling is “Blahsmoothie”. Yes, “Blahsmoothie”! #blahsmoothie

But, this blog isn’t about just me – it is about the community of friends, family & followers who may enjoy having a healthy smoothie and it is with you all in mind that I write this blog on “Blahsmoothie” and share some recipes.

Smoothies can be packed with essential nutrients and vitamins and are a great way to get the nutritious benefits of a variety of fruits & veggies. Read my blog about the difference of “juicing” vs. “blending” for a comparison (yes, they are different!) What I do like about Smoothies is that they deliver necessary fiber that is often lacking in our diets. Because of the high fiber you are more likely to feel satisfied & full when you drink a smoothie. Some smoothies may contain some healthy fats such as almond butter, walnuts, avocados or seeds…and these fats can also help to satiate your hunger. Making a smoothie takes little time and you can even make it the night before; or at a minimum, wash/cut up your  ingredients and put them in a plastic Ziploc bag so that it is all ready for you in the morning to quickly blend and go. If you have a lot of produce or a little extra time to prepare more that enough for just 1 smoothie batch, you can make multiple bags and just toss them in the freezer until you are ready to use them – that will ensure your ingredients don’t spoil and will eliminate the need for ice in the smoothie!

There are a variety of machines now available that can ensure a perfect smoothie…an economical choice is a Nutribullet or Ninja which can be purchased between about $80 – $150. They can also do some general blending (and the Nutribullet even makes hot soups!) Or if you want to make a long-term investment, consider a Vitamix. Thatwhat I have and love it. They are pricey (ranging from about $300 – $800) but will last a long time and won’t disappoint with their performances.

Here are some recipes we made at a recent smoothie class I taught; and even I enjoyed the taste of these creations!

I hope you enjoy! Blahsmoothie!

Blueberry Peach Brainpower Recipe

Key Lime Kiwi Recipe

Tropical Greens Recipe

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